BNKAbout Belly-n-kicks®
Since 2003 we have helped women of all ages look and feel better during a time when their body is changing. Regular exercise builds bones and muscles, gives you energy and keeps you healthy. It is just as important when you are pregnant and after your baby is born.

New guidelines from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) encourage pregnant women who have no medical complication to do moderate exercise for 30 minutes or more, three to five days a week, for the whole nine months. Our qualified team at Belly-n-Kicks® will guide you with this.

We understand that each women and each pregnancy are unique. For this reason, there is no standard exercise prescription to follow if you want to keep on working during the whole nine months. A personalized prenatal and postnatal program from Belly-n-kicks® will help you design a plan based on your individual interests, needs and conditions. Our proven and effective methodology is a mix of: traditional strength training, body weight exercises, core stabilization and controlled stretching techniques.

Before engaging in any type of program, it is fundamental to have a medical screening from your health care provider; this ensures that you will not engage in any inappropriate activity before and after pregnancy.

Fit MamaTMAbout Fit Mama™
As an active mom, you want to look and feel great while working out, chasing your kids or just living life. Fit Mama™ knows this. Our exclusive designs are developed on high technology fabrics specially formulated for physical activity. Each piece is manufactured with love.

Fit Mama™ is the official apparel line for Belly-n-kicks®. We offer tops and bottoms with fun and unique designs and a flattering fit.