Flor Corbo (Miami, FL)
FlorCorboSo far so good! I started training with Gaby when I was around 16 weeks pregnant and since then I've been feeling with so much more energy, and so motivated. I love Gaby's classes, she's not only a great trainer but a wonderful person. I'm almost 28 weeks pregnant now and people won't stop complimenting me, I know I owe this "glow" to Belly-n-Kicks®. Its program not only has helped me to look good while pregnant but to feel great as well. I'm sure I'll be in my pre-pregnancy weight in no time and I have to thank Erica and Gaby for that, you ladies are the BEST!
Rose Lopez (Miami, FL)
RoseLopezI started training at Belly-n-Kicks® when I was 9 weeks pregnant. Like many other first time mothers to be, I was overly cautious in engaging in any rigorous activity. In comes Erika Boom, prenatal and postnatal fitness instructor and founder of Belly-n-Kicks®. I was impressed by the professionalism and level of expertise of Erika and her staff. I work out twice a week with Alison, whose positive, upbeat attitude and passion for fitness, keep me motivated each week. Each workout is individually tailored to promote your optimal fitness level, during and after your pregnancy. Now at 24 weeks, I feel more energized and stronger than ever, and I have been able to keep my weight under control. Working out at Belly-n-kicks® is really more than a just a workout regimen… it's empowering and the best decision you can make while pregnant. There is no fitness studio in Miami that knows pregnancy like Belly-n-Kicks®! With Belly-n-kicks®, I know I will be in pre-pregnancy shape in no time!
Patty Montiel (Miami, FL)
pattySecond time around …. As simple as BOOMTASTIC! From the moment I found out I was pregnant I had to reserve my place in Belly-n-kicks®. I started this new program at 6 weeks of pregnancy (after a year that I had my first child, my first Belly-n-kicks® experience). Thinking I knew it all from my previous work out sessions, I was positively surprised by Erika's new methods, exercises, movements and routines that make you come back for more. I trained until week 38, and gave birth at week 39.5 with a quick 5 minutes of labor. With an amazing physical and mental post partum recovery, I went back to Belly-n-kicks® a short 5 weeks after giving birth. My body's recovery was different from the first pregnancy, but my trainer has shown me that they take every MOM/training very personal. She constantly reminds you where you need to be to achieve your goals and is a team player to help you get there. Once again I guarantee this is the BEST program in Miami and it has no competition! Forever grateful!
Vidhi Chhaochharia (Miami, FL)
pattyMy name is Vidhi Chhaochharia and I started working out at Belly-n-kicks® when I was 13 weeks pregnant. My trainers assessed my level of fitness and gave me a schedule to follow. Putting me on a regimen of gaining one pound a week really helped me since in the first week I had gained 4 pounds. After which I was very careful and following the schedule given by my trainers really helped me gain just the right amount of weight. Twice a week I would work out at Belly-n-kicks® and it was amazing. My trainers gave me a great workout and constantly encouraged me to stay on track. Working out at Belly-n-kicks® helped me remain active till the end. Now I am back at Belly-n-kicks® for my post natal training. I would never go through another pregnancy without Belly-n-kicks®. I would definitely recommend going to Belly-n-kicks® to remain healthy and active during a pregnancy!
Domenika Sanchez (Miami, FL)
pattyMY NAME IS DOMENKA SANCHEZ AND I started with Belly-n-kicks® when I was 9 weeks pregnant and the workouts have been extremely beneficial. Since I started with Belly-n-kicks® my body has change in all good ways. Not only was the exercise beneficial, but also learning what is going on with the body and how important exercise is during pregnancy. I didn't have any back pain or injury during my pregnancy and I think i'ts all because of the workouts at Belly-n-kicks®. My experience has been extremely rewarding not only because it helped me stay fit during the 9 months, but because it helped me feel better in the postpartum and know days my body is better than ever. Doing excersise is not only good for me, it is also good for the babies growing. Pregnant mothers can also look very fit and good because Belly-n-kicks® has a nutrition program that makes you stay in the correct weight making women feel better about themselves. I know that gaining weight can be frustrating but with this workouts and the nutrition plan you'll feel better than ever. I would highly recommend the program to anyone. You won't regret it!"
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