Lindsey Lamchick (Miami, FL)
Lindsey LamchickBelly-n-kicks® was recommended by my OBGYN while I was pregnant with twins Ashley and Dylan. I started working out twice a week when I was 16 weeks pregnant. The strength training workouts helped my body to be prepared for the physical changes that were occurring, I kept my weight gain under control and I bounced back in shape faster. My twins will turn three this year, and I am in amazing shape and leaner than I have ever been before. I strongly recommend that you train at Belly-n-kicks® if you are looking to stay in shape during pregnancy!
Joice Alarcon (Miami, FL)
Erika took the time to design an excellent program especially for me based on my condition and my size throughout my pregnancy that allowed me to stay in shape. No question or concern I had was ever too small. Erika always had time to help me with any conditions or issues that I had. She came highly recommended to me as a specialized trainer for expectant mothers and went well beyond all expectations that I had!
Angela Negreira (Miami, FL)
AngelaN egreiraFrom my first session with Erika I knew that I made the right choice; nutrition, exercise and a caring trainer were all wrapped up in one person. Because I had three previously unsuccessful pregnancies and am over forty the thought of exercising during my pregnancy made me a little nervous. I wanted to make sure I was doing things right so I wouldn't harm my baby. However, every session with Erika put me at ease because each was fun, challenging and a learning experience. All the knowledge she has about the changes a women's body goes through reassured me that I was with one of the best in the trade. She taught me a great deal about my body, pregnancy and labor. The results were nominal weight gain, easy labor, a very smooth post-partum process and most importantly a beautiful healthy baby girl. My pregnancy was such a special time and I know that it could not have been so without my sessions with Erika
Cristine Serra (Miami, FL)
Erika trained me all the way through my pregnancy. Working out with Belly-n-kicks® during my pregnancy kept me feeling strong, healthy and energized all the way to the end. Her knowledge and guidance was very important in having a healthy pregnancy. She focused on a safe exercise routine that promoted endurance for the birth process and overall fitness. My recovery after birth was extremely fast. I wouldn't go through a pregnancy without her!
Catalina Gutierrez (Miami, FL)
Catalina GutierrezTraining during pregnancy with Erika at Belly-n-kicks® was without a doubt the best decision I could have made! There were months when I felt tired and with no motivation; but after each workout at Belly-n-kicks® I came out energized, felt better about myself and very healthy. In addition to a healthy diet and working out at Belly-n-kicks®, my pregnany had no complications and I was back in my pre-pregnancy weight a few weeks after Martin was born.
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