Anabella Perello (Miami, FL)
Anabella PerelloI started having terrible back pain early into my pregnancy. Some days even sitting on my desk was a strain. Worried that it would get worse as my pregnancy progressed I went to Belly-n-Kicks. Erika designed a routine that targeted specific back muscles focusing on core strength. Not only did my back pain disappear, my overall fitness level was greatly improved. Erika's attitude is contagious too. She has such an upbeat personality working out with her is very exciting. She also has great nutrition tips that help you stay on track to a healthy pregnancy. I definitely recommend Belly-n-kicks®!!!!
Osvali Lopez (Miami, FL)
Osvali LopezI loved working out with Erika at Belly-n-kicks® while pregnant with my baby girl. I know I love to eat and was a bit worried about going crazy while pregnant. But with Erika's coaching and weight-training routines I only gained 30 lbs and by 9 weeks after my c-section I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I defintely recommend Belly-n-kicks® for a healthy pregnancy and a quick recovery!
Wendy Miranda (Miami, FL)
When I started training with Erika, my life really changed. I was always looking forward to each of my sessions and not only enjoyed all of them but was grateful I had decided to start in the first place. She helped me improve my health and fitness, which in turn helped me maintain a calm and peaceful state of mind throughout my pregnancy. This is what I appreciate the most because it allowed me to truly enjoy this amazing experience and all the changes that come with it. The best part was that after giving birth I was able to drop down to my starting weight much faster than I had expected. I have recommended this to all of my pregnant friends and hope that all soon-to-be-mommies decide to join and train at Belly-n-kicks® and enjoy having a beautiful and healthy pregnancy experience as much as I did!
Patty Montiel (Miami, FL)
Patty MontielI started training with Erika from the moment I found out I was pregnant. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of pregnancy is the fear of gaining weight. With Erika's program I was able to change "FAT for FIT". This training truly helps develop key muscle and techniques that came very useful at child birth. I was able to train until a week prior to delivery, not only was labor spectacular, but my physical recovery has been quick and easy. I personally want to THANK Erika for her motivation and never quit attitude (Erika's attitude)! Thanks for making this experience a boot camp of satisfactions
Eva Mykolenko (Miami, FL)
Eva MykolenkoI trained with Erika from when I was 3 months pregnant until my 38th week of pregnancy, and I can credit her with helping me feel great throughout my pregnancy and giving me the strength and stamina I needed for a successful delivery. As a not-so-skinny person who has lost and gained 25 pounds many times on various diets, I was concerned that I would use my pregnancy as an excuse to eat unhealthy foods and be lazy. By working out with Erika, I had the motivation and encouragement to do the right things for my body and my baby. I can honestly say that I never felt stronger or more fit than I did when I was pregnant..and, considering that most of my friends have many complaints about their body when they are pregnant, it was a wonderful feeling!
I began training with Erika again about 6 weeks after the arrival of my daughter. I find breastfeeding and caring for my daughter full-time to be hard work, both physically and psychologically. Although I am often tired and drained when I arrive for my training sessions with Erika, by the time I leave, both my body and mind feel healthier and I feel rejuvenated. I know that it will take a lot of hard work to get into great shape, but I have full confidence that with Erika's guidance and help I will regain my pre-pregnancy figure, and hopefully gain an even better one!
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