Vanessa Jaar (Miami, FL)
Vanessa JaarTraining during pregnancy with Belly-n-kicks® allowed me to enjoy my belly to the max! I was always full of energy and most important, it gave me the confidence to face my labor with alot of confidence. I will never forget the 300 abdominals that we did daily during and after pregnancy!
Erika, thank you so much for helping all mothers keep in good shape during pregnancy and full of energy in this beautiful stage of our lives.
Lots of love, Vanessa and my beautiful son Francisco Jose
Elizabeth Bello(Miami, FL)
Elizabeth BelloErika Boom and Belly-n-kicks® was the best thing that happened for me during my 2nd pregnancy. Erika managed to keep me in great shape enough to keep up with my daughter (who had just turned 1 when I found out I was pregnant) and lose all my pregnancy weight (including a few
pounds from my first pregnancy that I had not lost) within just a few months of giving birth. I felt stronger and healthier throughout my 2nd pregnancy while training with Erika than I had ever felt during my first pregnancy when I had not trained. I couldn't have done it without Erika
Jennifer Dvorkin (Miami, FL)
Jennifer DvorkinWorking full-time during my pregnancy and having to return back to work shortly after giving birth, it was essential to keep my energy level high. With Erika's help, I was able to work right up to my delivery. Plus I avoided many of the aches and pains of pregnancy despite my intense work schedule. The best part of training with Erika: I can fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes again!!!!
Helga Dienes (Miami, FL)
Helga DienesThanks to Belly-n-kicks® I was able to have an ideal pregnancy; even though I was medically considered to be at an old maternal age at only 34. I trained with Erika thinking that I was training for a marathon. As a result, I felt very fit and confident the day of the delivery, I knew my abs were strong and were ready to help me deliver my baby. My natural delivery was very quick, surprising my doctors and nurses, and most importantly my baby was born very healthy. I can't wait for my second pregnancy, my baby is barely three months old and I am already fitting back into my pre- pregnancy size.
Alina Zanetti (Miami, FL)
My deliver was great because I felt strong and my muscles were toned. Erika also helped me with specific exercises that helped me during labor. For me it was very important to know that I was working with a Certified Professional in Prenatal Fitness.
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