Sharon Budwick (Miami, FL)
I'm halfway through my 8th month and I'm very excited. Exercising while pregnant is very important because you need a very strong core to push the baby out during labor…Exercising with Erika is like an anesthetic for me; I feel 100 times better!
Pilar Grimalt (Miami, FL)
Exercising with Erika has given me a lot of energy while pregnant! Since I started training with her I felt so good, that I knew I wanted to keep training with her all the way until the end.
Natalia Rezk (Miami,FL)
Although I have never been much of a sportsperson, I started working out with Erika twice a week around my 5th month of pregnancy, and I can say that this has been a real lifesaver. Not only do I feel that I have sufficient energy and strength to continue with my normal daily activities (I actually look forward to each session!), but also I feel good about my health and I get lots of compliments about how I look. I strongly believe that if it wasn't for the exercise, which has helped me control my weight gain, I would have had a harder time keeping the extra pounds off. I'm already in the 36th week of pregnancy and I plan to continue to work out with Erika until the baby is born and after delivery, to get back into shape as soon as possible
Catalina Nenclares (Miami, FL)
My experience with Erika was excellent. She knew exactly what I needed every week. She tailor-made the workouts for my personal needs, and I felt just great after each session. She is extremely patient and has strong motivational skills. I will definitely come back to be coached with my second baby.
Helen Mopsick (Miami, FL)
It's been so great working out with you these past couple of months – you have really helped me a lot! I've really enjoyed getting to know you – you have such great energy!
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