Connie Freydell de Montoya (Miami, FL)
Exercising during my pregnancy?….that was a no NO, and why would I?…if it's the best excuse to just eat and relax! But to be honest, it was a wonderful experience and it made my pregnancy unbelievable; Actually, I did not want the baby to be born, I was so happy with my belly that we even created an awesome personality together !!!
Before I started to workout with Erika on my 5th month, I had already gained around 15 to 20 pounds!!!! The 4 months that we trained, I only gained 10 to 15 pounds and felt great…not tired at all, no swelling and with so much energy to continue shopping for the baby, organizing the apartment and taking care of my nephew!!!
The best part of training with Erika is Erika herself, she always has the perfect words when you feel guilty about that brownie you just ate, or scared about the birth; but those extra calories are burned in every workout…of course always responsible and carefully monitored. I could go on and on…but lets conclude saying that labor was only 4 hours, and I had to push only 4 times thanks to the strong abs that I had developed during the 4 month training program with Belly-n-kicks®!!!!
Mirtha Fonte-Okunski (Miami, FL)
I was never one to eat right or exercise regularly and that really took a toll on me during and after my first pregnancy. About 3 months after the birth of my daughter, my body and my mind where in bad shape – and I knew the reason was from not taking care of myself. Luckily, I had a friend that recommended that I speak to Erika about developing a plan to "get me back". This was one of the best decisions of my life!!!
Within a few weeks I could see a major difference in my body and my whole outlook on life. Erika not only helped me with the physical aspects of getting my body back, but more importantly the emotional aspects. She has an uncanny ability to provide the right motivation at the right time in a wonderful caring manner – and she can also turn up the heat to make sure that I am getting the most out of my workouts. After taking on my new lifestyle, my second pregnancy was a breeze. Erika and I worked together right up until the days before my second daughter was born.
The result was that for the 9 months that I was pregnant, I had none of the body pains that I the first time. The delivery was so smooth that I almost thought about getting pregnant one more time. Erika truly helped change my life and allowed me to have the energy and focus I need to raise my children and feel great about myself.
Melissa Lazarus (Miami, FL)
Melissa LazarusI trained at Belly-n-kicks® during my second pregnancy with my daughter. I was really excited to find a place where I could train that only trained pregnant women. The workouts gave me extra energy and made me feel stronger during my pregnancy. I slept great at night and was really pleased during my pregnancy. I really enjoy Erika's friendly and outgoing attitude, it is a great experience for pregnant and postpartum women.
Linda Schmidt (Miami, FL)
I started working out at Belly-n-kicks® when I was 14 weeks pregnant with twin boys and it was a fantastic experience. Erika motivated me to eat healthy, exercise and feel good during my pregnancy. The exercise from Belly-n-kicks® is what really helped me have a very healthy and excellent pregnancy
Dominique Duque (Miami, FL)
Working out at Belly-n-kicks® has been one of the most gratifying experiences during my pregnancy. Erika has helped me put together a very good exercise plan that has helped me maintain a good weight for me and for my baby
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