Maria Teresa Crespo (Miami, FL)
My experience with Belly-n-kicks® has exceeded my expectations. I started working with Erika when I was on my second trimester of my pregnancy. At first I was hesitant about the benefits of participating on a weight program through my pregnancy since I didn't want to jeopardize my baby's health. To my surprise it was the best decision. Not only I was able to work out all of my body muscles while pregnant but as classes progressed I had better stamina, I had more energy throughout my days and my monthly/weekly doctor's visits had good outcome. Erika even recommended activities outside of the gym to accommodate my limitations and my lifestyle throughout the different stages of my pregnancy. When new pregnancy symptoms appeared, the one on one time on the training sessions gave me an opportunity to share my thoughts (or may I say complains) and she in turn provided input and advice based on her experience with her other clients.
For all expecting moms out there, I recommend them to consider some type of exercise regimen throughout your pregnancy, the benefits out-weight the doubts. As for me, I enjoyed working with Erika so much that my daughter Isabella Marie is 9 months old and I am still working out with her on a weekly basis.
Lauri Kassewitz (Miami, FL)
After a difficult time getting pregnant, I was nervous to resume weight training once I received clearance from my Doctor after the first trimester. I had read about Erika and Belly-n-kicks® in an article in the newspaper while trying to get pregnant and I saved it for when the time came.
When I first met Erika, I knew I was in good hands!!! She is professional, sweet, energetic, and motivating!! She helped me during pregnancy to work out safely, minimize my weight gain, increase my energy level, and feel good about my growing waist line!! When I was placed on bed rest at 28 weeks, she continued to follow up with me with phone calls and e-mails, Erika was not only my trainer, she became a supportive friend!
After pregnancy, I continued to work out with Erika for several months. She helped me to regain my strength and endurance and get me back to my pre-pregnancy physique. After 3 ½ months of working out with Erika, I had lost 23 pounds and was within two pounds of reaching my goal weight. I was also able to fit back into my favorite pre-pregnancy jeans and I again had toned arms, legs, and abs.
I can not recommend Erika enough!!! She was always extremely careful and cautious while pregnant, yet she pushed me to work out hard and feel good! I will definitely be back when I'm pregnant with baby #2!!!!
Michelle Aristondo (Miami, FL)
Michelle AristondoI have known Erika for almost 10 years and she is definitely in her element! She has such a passion for athletics and strength training!! I trained with her during my entire pregnancy (until week 38) and only gained 30 lbs! My delivery was also very, very easy! I definitely credit Erika for keeping me focused, motivated (not an easy task) and in shape during the whole 9 months! Love you girl!
Diana Vega (Miami, FL)
Diana VegaTraining at Belly-n-kicks® with Erika Boom during my pregnancy was the most wonderful experience. Not only was I full of energy for the nine months, but I was able to have the natural childbirth that we worked for AND I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight in no time at all. For all you pregnant women: train with Erika, it would be a great experience for you and your baby
Martha Edwards (Miami, FL)
Martha EdwardsThank you so much for helping me stay in shape during my pregnancy. Training with you twice a week helped me stay motivated, healthy and strong through 39 weeks as well as giving me a great foundation to regain my pre-pregnancy weight in only four weeks post partum. That girdle really does help to bring the body back together.
My son Dylan was born via Cesarean Section on July 24th, 2008 at South Miami Hospital weighing 8lbs 3.2 oz. and 19 inches in height. Even-though, our plans for a natural birth did not happened as planned, being in shape helped me heal physically and emotionally from the c-section a lot sooner that other friends.
Thank you also for sharing valuable nutritional information with me. God only knows that the last two months I craved everything, but the kitchen sink, but you kept me focused.
Training with you during my pregnancy was not just going to trainer, but instead, going to a place where I felt comfortable and safe-doing exercises geared specially for pregnant women. Although no two pregnancies are alike, I had a lot of questions and if I couldn't get my doctor or a book to answer those questions, I always felt you were a good resource of knowledge.
Erika, thank you so much for all the time, care and compassion you gave this first time mom. The love and passion you put into your work really shines though. The dedication you gave me and I saw you give other clients is really special! You truly are a part of an excellent support system for women during their pregnancy. Many blessings to you my dear!!!!!
With much love and gratitude.
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