Frances Alemany (Miami, FL)
Working out at Belly-n-kicks® was exactly what I needed. It helped me feel better emotionally and physically. My back aches disappeared and my sleeping improved. It was an excellent way to relieve the stress and anxiety for this first time mom. Erika's friendship and advice made my time there even more enjoyable. Her specialized exercises for delivery really made a difference when I had my little girl. My only regret is that I didn't start working out with her sooner
Desiree Moreno (Miami, FL)
Desire MorenoI have always been very concerned with my health and physical fitness, and when I found out I was pregnant I looked to Belly-n-kicks® to keep me healthy, full of energy, and in-shape. I received more out of this experience than I would have ever anticipated. Not only did I feel great about the way I looked throughout my pregnancy, I felt strong, full of energy, happy, and in the process made a great friend. Erika is a very knowledgeable person, and always made me feel safe while working out and eating healthy. Belly-n-kicks® will always be one of the most special experiences I will have in my memories during my pregnancy and my recovery.
Mary Kayata (Miami, FL)
Thanks to Erika's expertise and guidance, I feel at ease that I am not putting my baby's well-being at risk. At the same time, I feel confident that I am working hard enough to stay strong throughout my pregnancy as well as prepared for labor. She is both inspirational and reassuring. I know that I could not have felt this good without her!
Kate Solomito (Miami, FL)
Kate SolomitoErika came highly recommended to me from my doctor, Carlos Garcia. When I went to see him for my first visit, he handed me her card, knowing that I like to take care of my body, and suggested I work with Erika throughout my pregnancy. My first trimester was difficult. I was always nauseas and extremely tired after working all day. I finally had enough of feeling this way, and called Erika immediately. I always knew that whenever I became pregnant, giving up physical activity and exercise was not an option. I knew I wanted to be in the best shape possible for both myself and my baby.
From the very first session I had with Erika, I knew this was going to be GREAT for me. Erika is so educated and experienced in Prenatal Training. She really knows what she is doing and I love how she always pushes me to do my best. She knows what you can handle and I always have 100% trust in her.
Going to work out and lift weights for 45 min after the work day is not easy, but Erika always made it fun and going to see her after work gave me something to look forward to. She is not only a trainer, but has also become a friend. I highly recommend anyone who is pregnant to take care of themselves and working out with Erika definitely helps to maintain your goals. Erika, thank you for everything! You have been so amazing and such a great support to me. You have started such a wonderful business and opportunity for moms-to-be to stay healthy and fit. Don't ever give this up! You rock!
Joice Alarcon (Miami, FL)
Erika took the time to design an excellent program especially for me based on my condition and my size throughout my pregnancy that allowed me to stay in shape. No question or concern I had was ever too small. Erika always had time to help me with any conditions or issues that I had. She came highly recommended to me as a specialized trainer for expectant mothers and went well beyond all expectations that I had.
Lisa Cabrera (Miami, FL)
Once I overcame my apprehension of beginning a strength training program while pregnant in my forties, I quickly realized it was the best thing I could do for my baby and myself. Erika's vast knowledge and experience as both a trainer and a mother give her the perfect balance of guidance that I was looking for. My workouts increased my energy, improved the quality of my sleep (no more pregnancy insomnia!) and increased my strength beyond my expectations. My family and friends are amazed at how quickly I lost my pregnancy weight and recovered from my c-section, clearly both results of my training program with Erika. I am always impressed by Erika's keen awareness of my particular strengths and weaknesses during our sessions. I have worked with a variety of trainers in my life, but Erika has far and away shown me the best results. I leave every session with her feeling fantastic and looking forward to the next one!
Alexandra Fuminaya (Miami, FL)
I began training at Belly-n-kicks® during my third month, thinking that I will not be able to accomplish the workout sessions until the end of my pregnancy. I was wrong – I felt excellent with lots of energy and motivation. Erika's positive attitude and inner peace helped me. Every session for me was a disconnect from work and stress. I found that I can relate to my trainer, given that she was also pregnant once and understood exactly what I was feeling. As a new mom, I had many questions. If I had to do it again, no doubt I would join Belly-n-kicks® for an amazing experience!
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